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  1. Use Airplane Mode to Block Someone from Tracking Your Mobile Phone
  2. How to identify and remove cell phone tracking software
  3. How Do I Stop Someone Tracking My iPhone?
  4. How to stop smartphones from gathering information on you |
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Now even your bluetooth functionality on your phone can be used over very short distances to track your exact location in, say, a store.

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Stores will further analyze your devices unique fingerprint the unique mixture of apps on your phone to assign it an ID and then recopgnize you in future visits. For all the methods I've outlined above, they all rely on the honesty of the companies that are promising not to track you or on the companies that have manufactured the hardware. Can you really know your phone is not transmitting GPS data when you turn it off?

With specialized equipment, you could determine this, but there is a far easier solution.

How to protect your CELL Phone You are being TRACKED

The best way to protect you from cell phone tracking is by investing in something called a Faraday Bag, sometimes also called a cell phone pouch. A Faraday bag is a cell phone signal blocking bag that prevents any kind of radio waves that your cell phone is built to receive from entering the bag, keeping your phone safe from tracking methods like those I described above.

One thing that the users should keep in mind with a Faraday Bag is that it will block all the signals in your phone, so if you are anticipating an important call, it is not the best idea to keep your device in a Faraday bag. Similar to the Faraday cage displayed above, a Faraday bag is made with conducting materials that is helpful in blocking out all of the external electric fields. So when any other electric signal tries to enter the bag, it gets distributed evenly on it and does not penetrate inside. This way the hackers, thieves, or government agencies who are trying to track your phone or any other device will not be able to get to it because of the outer layer of the Faraday bag.

Unlike other solutions we've given in this guide, this is the only one where you don't have to trust anyone or anything except the laws of physics which is why a Faraday bag is the most reliable way to prevent your phone and location data from being monitored and mined by third parties. Keyless car thefts have been increasing as key fobs become more common. The reason for this is that people often do not know that the signal from their keys can be copied by a device called key fob code grabber.

The code grabber is brought into near proximity to your key fob, and the signal is then cloned and used to unlock and start your car without the actual key. Pretty scary, right? The nice thing is, these thefts can be prevented with the use of a Faraday bag. For more information on this topic, you can read our full post about it HERE.

1. Tweak your phone's location settings

Gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and smart watches are also prone to be hacked and misused. Smart cards also contain information that can be stolen. These include credit cards, driver's licenses, and passports, all of which contain compromising personal information that can be used to steal your identity. These smart cards should also be stored in the Faraday bags so that the information in them cannot be leaked or swiped by "digital pickpockets".

Use Airplane Mode to Block Someone from Tracking Your Mobile Phone

So you can easily see how a faraday bag would be the perfect defense against these kinds of theft, especially while you are traveling. We have learned there are many methods through which companies, governments, and thieves will try to take and use your location data as well as other important information about your life.

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How to identify and remove cell phone tracking software

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How Do I Stop Someone Tracking My iPhone?

Comment and share: Your smartphone can be tracked even if GPS, location services are turned off. Install security applications: You can find security applications both on Android and iOS that can notify you whenever there is a new application downloaded. You can install the app and get instantly notified. Always Use Anti-Malware: Malicious tools like spyware are quite hard to detect and hence remove. Therefore, it is best to use an anti-malware tool. These applications secure your device from any malicious third-party applications, and that also includes spyware apps. Use Encryption Tools: Dusan Petricko, a Digital Forensics Manager, suggests that the phone storage should be encrypted to close all the doors for hackers that lead to a privacy breach.

How to stop someone from spying on my cell phone? However, with a few important considerations, such as the ones discussed above, you can save your privacy from getting compromised. Like what you see? Keep in touch and we'll send more your way. Please enter valid Email.

How to stop smartphones from gathering information on you |

Successfully submitted form. Here are some common ways cell-phone spy tools track your data: Spyware can hack into your GPS and keep track of your everyday commute. Any hacker with access to your GPS can easily see your whereabouts. A spying tool can also tap into your calls and listen in on every important conversation you make with your spouse, your business partner, etc.

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Scary, right? Some spyware tools are built to track and record the text messages sent from your phone or tablet. As mentioned earlier, there are many high-level spyware tools that can hack into the webcam of your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even smart TV and monitor your every activity. Any unusual activity on your phone when it is on standby indicates that it is remotely controlled.

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