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Specialized legal knowledge of assigned area.

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Judicial procedures and the rules of evidence. Principles, practices, methods, and materials of legal research. Legal procedures and documents used in court cases. Operations, services and functions of a District Attorney's Office. Principles of staff development and training.

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Prosecute complex and difficult felony cases. Plan, organize and review the work of assigned staff.

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Analyze and appraise a variety of legal documents and instruments. Present statements of fact, law and argument clearly and logically in written and oral form. Incoming calls of a personal non-legal nature will not be facilitated for Madera County inmates, and messages cannot be passed along by staff. Depending upon housing and disciplinary status, most inmates will have access to telephones in the common areas. All outgoing personal calls are made on a collect basis, and you must set up an account to receive calls.

To set up an account and whenever you need to add funds call the jail at , extension 5. An important note: be aware that all personal inmate phone calls and voicemail messages are subject to monitoring and recording. The best policy, therefore, is to refrain from speaking about criminal charges over the phone, as your words can be held against your loved one in court.

Madera County Criminal Background Checks - California Employee Madera Criminal Records

Inmates in residence at the Madera County Correctional Facility will be provided with basic supplies, and may use their cash account to purchase a selection of items from the commissary. There are a variety of options, including snacks, toiletries, stationary materials, and other comfort items. Monies the inmate has at booking will be deposited into the jail trust account , and family and friends can also make deposits to fund commissary and other incidental expenses.

These deposits are made through TouchPay, which offers a few options:. Visitation at the Madera County Detention Center takes place every day of the week.

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In order to visit an inmate , your name must appear on his or her visiting list. Each jail visit is up to 30 minutes long, and inmates are allowed two visits per week.

Are you eligible for a drug program in Madera County | Merced Criminal Defense Attorney

A maximum of two people, including children, can visit at one time. Note that you must be onsite to register for a visit at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule. If you miss your visit without contacting the facility, the visit will be cancelled and count as an allotted visit for the inmate. You will be expected to present valid photo identification, which may include a driver's license, state ID card, military ID, passport, foreign consulate photo ID card, or student ID.

Note that all visitors are subject to search including vehicles , and checks will be run for outstanding warrants.

Lastly, remember visits are subject to monitoring and recorded, so be mindful of the content of your conversations. Madera County Detention Center inmates are encourage to correspond with family and friends. An unlimited amount of mail can be sent to the jail.

Expunge your record for free! Seal your record.

The Madera County Jail has strict policies regarding incoming mail, which is opened and inspected prior to dispensation. Only plain, standard cards, letter size paper and stationary is allowed. These should not be enhanced or adorned with glitter, stickers, powdery substances, fluids, etc.

You should not send:.

Deputy District Attorney III

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What is Prop 36? Serving Fresno, Madera, and Merced County. The only source of knowledge is experience. Call For Help today! Proposition 47 I'm I eligible for Probation? Is it necessary that my criminal defense attorney conduct investigation?